Heritage Pointe of Warren Leaders

Leaders at Heritage Pointe of Warren Focus on Teamwork to Provide Best Possible Care for Residents

News | February 21, 2024 | Reading Time 4:00 Minutes

Taking note of the benefits of teamwork, carmaker Henry Ford once said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

That positive attitude is shared by Terrence Jent and Nichol Cardwell, who have recently taken on leadership roles a Heritage Pointe of Warren senior living community in Warren, Indiana.

Both Jent, the Administrator, and Cardwell, the Director of Nursing, joined Heritage Pointe of Warren in January.

Working together to ensure that residents receive the best possible care is important for both Jent and Cardwell, who also share a passion for caring for older adults that was ingrained in them when they were young.

Jent, who has a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership and had worked previously in finance, says his interest in serving older adults stems from his high school years when he volunteered at a senior living community where his sister had worked.

Although he went on to pursue a career in finance, he switched his focus to senior living after the housing bubble of 2008.

“I was talking with my sister, and she said, ‘Why don’t you try administration in senior living?”

That change of focus made a lot of sense for Jent, who’d always loved working with older seniors. To reach his goal of becoming an administrator, he underwent 1,000 hours of nursing home administration training and earned an MBA in Health Care Management.

Meanwhile, Cardwell also was developing a passion for working with older adults. She worked as a certified nursing assistant in long-term care while in high school and then went on to get her Bachelor of Science in Nursing as she was raising a family.

Her desire to care for older individuals was inspired by her grandparents, to whom she was close. Her grandfather had diabetes, and because her grandmother was unable to see well enough, she relied on Cardwell to help give him his insulin shots.

It taught Cardwell a lesson of respect for older individuals she’s held on to through the years.

“Seniors have laid the foundations for all of us,” she says. “If anyone deserves high-quality care, it’s the older population.”

After many years working in the nursing field, Cardwell was drawn to Heritage Pointe of Warren because of its superior reputation.

“I’ve been in long-term care my whole career, and Heritage Pointe of Warren has long been the gold standard,” she says.

Both Cardwell and Jent are committed to maintaining the community’s commitment to providing high-quality and dignified care.

“The standard has been set,” Cardwell says. “My goal is  to continue to shine the community’s already stellar reputation.”

Jent and Cardwell agree that working with the residents brings them joy.

“I love hearing their stories and learning from them,” says Jent. “It gives me a completely different perspective on life.”

Jent believes his role is to be a visible and responsive presence in the community. He enjoys seeing first-hand the care that residents are receiving from well-trained staff.

“I enjoy seeing our staff help residents live their lives to their fullest capacity,” Jent says.

Both Jent and Cardwell have been busy lately getting to know the residents and their families. They agree that working with seniors brings greater satisfaction than any other career they can imagine.

When it comes to being a resource for residents, Cardwell says, “I get much more than I give.”

“I love that we get to serve others,” Jent adds. “We get to be a valuable resource at what can be a challenging time in a person’s life.”

Heritage Pointe of Warren

Heritage Pointe of Warren, which provides a vibrant lifestyle is located in the charming country setting of Warren, Indiana. The senior living community is situated on a 200+ acre rural campus featuring an on-site golf course, heated indoor pool, fitness area, woodshop, and more. Heritage Pointe of Warren offers independent living in villas, townhomes, or apartments. Assisted living, memory care, short-term rehabilitation, outpatient therapy, and long-term skilled care are provided on the same campus, thus offering a complete continuum of care, also known as Life Plan. Heritage Pointe of Warren is owned and operated by The United Methodist Memorial Home, an Indiana non-profit founded in 1907. To learn more about Heritage Pointe of Warren, visit HeritagePointeOfWarren.org.