Senior couple packing a box together

When To Move To Senior Living?

Blog | September 14, 2023 | Reading Time 3:00 Minutes

Senior living community? What does that mean?

A senior living community is where older adults can move for what can be the next active chapter of their lives. Just like the name suggests, the critical part of the name is ‘living,’ referring to the vibrant, dynamic, purposeful carefree lifestyle the community can provide. Because you no longer have the burdens and responsibilities of homeownership, your free time, and hence your opportunities are enhanced.

Frequently, ‘assisted living’ is an umbrella term used when discussing places for older adults to live. While assisted living is an essential component of the full continuum of senior living offerings, it’s just one part and one that’s misunderstood at that.

Ideally, people move to independent living when they move into a senior living community. It provides a place to call home…with other active adults, many programs and activities, restaurant-style dining, and more. People move to independent living when it’s a want rather than a need resulting from illness or injury, which might require assisted living. This is often offered on the same campus as independent living, with extra assistance provided as needed for activities of daily living. The objective is to give support when required in order to make it possible for the individual to live with optimal independence.

Heritage Pointe Communities offer what is known as a continuum of care, which means that additional assistance and health care are available if and when needed.

When is the best time to move into a senior living community?

While everyone’s wants and needs vary, the answer to this is invariably sooner rather than later. In my many years in the senior living industry, I often talk to residents who wish they’d made the decision to move earlier than they did. They love their new lifestyle and wish they’d been able to enjoy it earlier. No one ever says they wish they’d waited. They’re enjoying their carefree lifestyle too much!!

Why sooner rather than later?

You’ve worked long and hard for your retirement. You’ve earned the right to lessen your responsibilities and, instead, pursue an active and vibrant lifestyle…Your time no longer needs to be spent on home maintenance or upkeep: no shoveling, cutting the lawn, cooking (unless you want to!), even little things like changing lightbulbs. Instead, use that time to read, walk, work out in our fitness center, pursue your passions, and try out those new hobbies you’ve wanted to try.

Furthermore, you’ll meet like-minded people, also starting to enjoy their new lifestyle.

Importantly, moving into senior living is planning your future on your own terms. You’re in control of making a decision that impacts your current lifestyle as well as your future. You’re in control.

Sooner rather than later is the ideal time to start enjoying your retirement.