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Memoirs of a Granddaughter

Blog | December 24, 2017 | Reading Time 3:00 Minutes

My first experience with Heritage Pointe Communities was in the early to mid-1990s when my great grandmother, Mamie McDaniel, became a resident of Heritage Pointe of Warren. At a lean 95 pounds, standing five feet tall, and living until a few days shy of her 105th birthday, this woman was the first to teach me about Jesus Christ.

Considering she did not have to move into a nursing home until her late 90s, her health was quite strong. She made an impact almost immediately on anyone she encountered. Our entire family was very grateful for the care she received at Heritage Pointe of Warren – caring, attentive, and gracious.

Fast-forward several years to the early 2000s when Heritage Pointe of Huntington was nearly brand new. My grandmother’s health had declined, and she was in need of more healthcare than my grandfather could provide her. They began deciding if selling their small farmhouse and moving to an assisted living facility might be the best option. As a family who had been in farming their entire lives, giving up their home and property was not easy.

As a couple, they chose to move into Heritage Pointe of Huntington (after a short stint in another facility) – Grandma in healthcare, and Grandpa in an independent living residential apartment. Since the two of them were in the same building, Grandpa could spend much of his day visiting his wife while not having to provide her with nursing care himself. He was a very social man, and living in the apartments was a great way for him to make new friends.

Grandma went to heaven in 2005 after being well cared for at Heritage Pointe of Huntington for nearly five years. Grandpa continued to live in his independent apartment until his health began to slowly deteriorate with age. At Heritage Pointe of Huntington, he was able to transition from independent living to assisted living, and eventually to healthcare. It was wonderful to have him in the same building, being cared for by the same great team of people during the last years of his life. He joined Grandma in heaven in 2012.

I miss them most at Christmastime.

Thank you to Heritage Pointe Communities for caring for our family. We would encourage anyone looking for independent, assisted, memory or healthcare to visit.

Pictured is me at age 15, Grandma Mamie celebrating her 103rd birthday, and my Grandpa Lloyd