Heritage Pointe of Huntington forms a partnership for Dining Services

News | November 2, 2018 | Reading Time 2:00 Minutes

HUNTINGTON, IN – We are pleased to announce that Heritage Pointe of Huntington has entered into a partnership with Compass Group of America – Morrison Community Living that will result in a transformation of our dining services. The move promises to strongly appeal to current and prospective residents, and to Heritage Pointe employees.

This agreement with Compass Group North America – Morrison Community Living is to provide residential, retail and catering food services to Heritage Pointe of Huntington.  The agreement took effect November 1, 2018.

Heritage Pointe of Huntington Chef
Morrison Community Living Logo

Under the plan, Morrison will provide management and oversight to our culinary and hospitality program. The company will introduce exciting new food concepts and develop a new casual dining space. Plans include guest chefs, monthly events and the development of our culinary team.

Morrison’s plan also includes significant initiatives regarding the participation of the campus community. By providing suggestions and ideas about food options and services, improved use of technology, greater involvement with the surrounding community, commitments to sustainable practices and local sourcing of food will be among the forefront. Food trucks and a campus farmer’s market are among the initiatives that would likely be part of the plan.

Residents and employees will also be able to use a mobile app, in which immediate feedback can be provided about food services and requests can be made for new products or services.

Under the agreement, all current Heritage dining employees will transition to Morrison with salaries and benefits in accordance with Morrison.