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Five Star

News | October 27, 2023 | Reading Time 2:00 Minutes

“Five-star” is a term universally accepted as conveying exceptionally high-quality products, experiences, and services. Seeing that something is ranked with a five-star status is instantaneously reassuring. This is especially true when the rating is assigned professionally and objectively and judged by rigorous standards.

Trying to identify a nursing home, either for oneself or a loved one, can be among the most overwhelming life experiences. This is especially the case when you’re facing a health emergency and need to make the crucial decision quickly.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) created their Five-Star Quality Rating System for all nursing homes participating in Medicare or Medicaid. The system is a way to help individual consumers and/or their families and caregivers compare nursing homes, understand the important assessments made, and be better able to identify the places that might best fit their needs.
The ratings for each criterion are decided by CMS professionals, who conduct regular inspections and learn about the nursing homes’ processes, management, and more. Each nursing home is rated between 1-5 for health inspections, staffing, and quality measures and then also receives an overall rating. The measurements are standardized to level the playing field and make the information objective and straightforward.
Only the top 10 percent of nursing facilities in the country achieve the overall 5-star rating, making the distinction a very impressive accomplishment. While a CMS rating should not necessarily be the only consideration when selecting a nursing home, it should definitely be the most important. Being a successful five-star community attests to the fact that they have put together a great team dedicated to providing the very best care.

Not only is the Five-Star Quality Rating helpful for potential consumers, but it is also a great tool for potential staff who are looking for careers in a nursing home of which they can be proud.

Heritage Pointe Communities is proud that the healthcare center at Heritage Point of Huntington has earned the prestigious five-star rating by CMS as has Its sister community, Heritage Pointe of Fort Wayne.