These are your golden years, but are you living them to the fullest? Fishing, golfing, playing with the grandkids – don’t let what could be the best moments of your life pass you by. Retain, regain and rethink what you’re capable of with rehabilitation from Heritage Communities. 

Tell your doctor you want to do your rehab with Heritage Communities.

Get back to Living!

  • Flexible appointment times available seven days a week to accommodate nearly any schedule
  • A comprehensive team of healthcare experts ensure exceptional around-the-clock care
  • A full suite of rehabilitation equipment and state-of-the-art facilities provides unrivaled results
  • Private rooms are available to allow patients to recover peacefully

Physical Therapy

Take back your life, and return to the highest level of physical ability you're capable of. Whether that means getting back to running marathons, or taking a leisurely stroll through the park, the staff and facilities at any one of our three communities provide exceptional physical therapy for unrivaled results.

Speech Therapy

Saying good morning to your neighbors, talking about your recent vacation or telling your grandchildren you love them – the ability to communicate clearly and coherently is vital to a happy life. Our highly skilled speech therapists will utilize the latest proven techniques and exercises to make sure your voice is heard.

Occupational Therapy

Rehabilitation from Heritage Communities has one goal – to help you get back to living. This can mean anything from bike rides and dance lessons to the little things we do everyday that might get taken for granted. Occupational therapists help our patients regain and improve the skills needed to complete everyday activities.